Leadership Team

The Salvation Army is recognised all over the world for its uniformed members. The organisation itself is structured a bit like the military in terms of it’s uniforms and ranks. This means that often you’ll come across “Salvationists” with extra insignia or initials on them or a slightly different style of trimming on their uniform. The ranking system has varied over the years so here’s a guide to the current structure…

  • The General (head of The Salvation Army globally)
  • Commissioners, Colonels & Lt.-Colonels (often in charge of territories around the world and other key positions of wide ranging importance)
  • Majors, Captains & Lieutenants (Roles range from Corps leadership to specific roles based at Divisional or Territorial Headquarters)
  • Lay minsters and local officers (often but not always with the title of Sergeant or Sergeant Major to indicate their responsibility, such as Corps or Young People’s Sergeant Major)

The page provides an overview of how our Corps at Boscombe is structured. There are lots of roles that need fulfilling at a busy Corps like Boscombe. Most are filled by uniformed members, but many roles are superbly carried out by non-uniformed members of the Church. Please note that only main positions are listed below, there are many more such as music librarians and treasurers etc.

You don’t have to be a uniform-wearer to be involved and the range of responsibilities is so diverse, there’s everything from organising the weekly flowers for the hall, meeting and greeting everyone each Sunday morning, preparing food for the Meal Run and manning the emergency bus as it delivers help to those in need, to providing drinks for after worship.

The Boscombe Salvation Army Leadership Team:

  • Corps Officers (ministers/pastors) – Majors David and Jane Alton
  • Corps Sergeant Major (key organiser/lay minister) – Nigel Bishop
  • Assistant Corps Sergeant Major – Lee Allcock
  • Corps Treasurer – Captain Michael Smith
  • Corps Secretary – Vidiya Neal
  • Corps Administrator – Joanne Allcock
  • Bandmaster – Howard Evans
  • Deputy Bandmaster – Kevin Whittingham
  • Songster Leader – Helen Main
  • Deputy Songster Leader – Jonathan Searle
  • Recruiting Sergeant (guide to new “Soldiers”) – Lynne Allcock
  • Adherent Secretary (leader of those who publicly acknowledge the SA as their Church, minus the uniform) – Lieut. Colonel John Pearce-Haydon
  • Home League Secretary – Captain Shelia Smith
  • Children’s Ministries Team – Jonny Searle, Joanne Allcock & Kattie Whittingham
  • Youth Team Leader – Stephen Main
  • Singing Company Leader – Katie Whittingham
  • Young People’s Band Leader – Fraser Smith
  • Corps Pianist – Howard Evans & Vidiya Neal

More key leaders within Boscombe Corps:

  • BH1 Project Manager – Annette Watts
  • Band Secretary – Andrew Main
  • Band Sergeant – Craig Snell
  • Assistant Band Secretary – Lt. Col David Phillips
  • Songster Sergeant – Stephen Main
  • Songster Sergeant – Ruth Mattingley
  • Songster Pianist – Vidiya Neal

  • Assistant Singing Company Leader – Hilary Bromage
  • Singing Company Pianist – Jonathan Searle
  • Home League Singers Leader – Sylvia Mead
  • Bible Study Leader – Major David Alton
  • Assistant Home League Secretary –
  • Junior Soldiers Sergeant –
  • Primary Sergeant – Joanne Allcock
  • Sunday Outreach Coordinator – Joanne Allcock
  • Quiet Space Leader –  

Community Activities…

  • Art Class Leader – Jan Clyde
  • Art Class Secretary – Colin Lowe
  • Brownies & Guides Leader – Claire Hohne
  • Crafty LadiesChristine Stringer
  • Cubs & Scouts Leader – Mike Glassey
  • Ladies Fellowship Leader – Christine Stringer
  • Men’s Fellowship Leader – Lieut. Colonel David Phillips
  • Tiny Tots Playtime – Jonathan Searle


  • Corps Quarter Master – TBA
  • Multi-Media/Sound Desk – CSM Nigel Bishop, & Colin Goodyer
  • Corps Webmaster/Social Media Manager –