A brief history of Boscombe Salvation Army

The Boscombe Corps (no.788 in the British Territory) was started when Captain George Milward was sent from Headquarters on November 12th, 1885. The first meetings were held in a hall in Shelley Road before we moved round the corner to the current location in Palmerston Road.

General Albert OrsbornWhen General and Mrs Albert Orsborn retired to Bournemouth in 1954 and decided to soldier at Boscombe Corps, they were the first Salvation Army leaders to reside in Britain after retirement. They were, from the outset, much loved and respected soldiers, and entered into the life of the Corps wholeheartedly and occasionally the General was invited to lead one of his own songs during open-air and Sunday meetings.

In 1958 General Albert Orsborn introduced the now renowned Boscombe Easter Convention. Today the Convention draws people from near and far generating congregations that fill the hall for this event every year.

On February 4th 1967 when General Orsborn was promoted to Glory, his loss was felt with deep regret and so on November 24th 1984 commissioner Howard Orsborn opened the Orsborn Memorial Halls  the final cost being £660,000. It was fitting that after much planning and fund raising we moved into the current suite of buildings in our Centenary year (1985).

BH1 exteriorThe puchase of the Youth House at 107 Palmerston Road (opposite the hall) has proved invaluable in developing the Corps ministry to young people. Originally purchased and used as a restaurant under the name, The Little Nibbler, the building was converted into a building for young people to use in the mid-90s. It still retains this use but in 2013 was refurbished and transformed into the BH1 Project providing much needed vital resources for those in need in the postcode area where Boscombe Salvation Army is located.

The long established sections of the Corps have continued to serve as a vital part of our ministry and outreach. You can find pictures from the history of the Boscombe Corps sections on our Facebook galleries. Extra avenues of service and community contact continue to develop and evolve to move with the times, click here to see what’s going on today!