So, what happens on a Sunday morning…?

We have our Sunday services (we call them meetings) at 11am at Boscombe Salvation Army. Usually these are led by our regular ministers (we call them our Commanding Officers or COs for short). However, sometimes we have guest leaders or musical sections who lead the meetings instead.

The meetings are packed with a wide variety of items, including a variety of songs (traditional and modern), prayer time, bible readings and contributions by our musical groups, including the Boscombe Band, Boscombe Songsters and our young people’s sections, our YP Band (junior band) and Singing Company (junior choir). In the first half of the meeting there is usually a slot called ‘Major’s Moments’ which is specifically aimed at the children attending the meeting, normally the children all get to go to the front of the hall and all sit together to join in with this bit, it’s usually a lot of fun for the adults too! Half way through the meeting our children and youth normally leave the main hall to take part in their own activities in a fully supervised and safe environment (all our leaders are fully CRB/DBS checked).

During the meeting there is an opportunity to give some money. This is a voluntary collection (we call it an offering), which is primarily used to support the work of the Salvation Army in the local area and nationally. Occasionally we hold special collections to support the work of the Salvation Army in a specific area of the world. Meetings usually finish at around 12.15pm with the opportunity to share with others over a tea or coffee in the “Sanctuary” next to the main hall.

What about Sunday evenings…?

The format of Sunday evenings varies from week to week. Take a look at what’s happening at Boscombe Salvation Army to find out more. In 2016 we started a Café Church which happens when there is a 5th Sunday in the month and is usually timed for 4pm, this is a more relaxed and social style of worship. Once a month there is a Sunday Celebration where all of our musical sections take part. There is also one week of the month where the Sunday evening is dedicated to a Bible Study sometimes with a guest leader.

Everything is open to all and you’re assured of a heart-felt welcome… come and see for yourself!