The Buildings

hall-frontBoscombe Salvation Army is fortunate to have a wonderfully versatile building complex. All the available rooms and halls within the building are used for a variety of purposes and events. At maximum congregation capacity, this hall seats approximately 450 people. The ‘Platform’ area usually seats the featured group(s) or is used as a staging area for items such as a Nativity scene at Christmas or the usual Sunday groups featured e.g. the Corps Band and Songsters.

The “Main Hall” is used every week for the services at Boscombe Salvation Army. It is also a popular venue for special Army events such as music festivals and regional SA celebrations, but is also used for events associated with the Army and other organisations such as local school events and carol services. Primarily this room is a place of worship and continues to be a place where people can be in the presence of the Lord whilst sharing with friends and family. Frequently the morning service (meeting) has an attendance of over 200 people comprising of a mixture of uniformed and non-uniformed Salvationists, adherants (those who’ve made a public commitment to the SA but aren’t Salvationists) and a large number of visitors and members of the general public.

Outside of HallTThe “Young People’s Hall” is also used every Sunday as a place for the young people of Boscombe Salvation Army to meet and share fellowship. There are approximately 40 young people under the age of 21 and the Corps also has many young people and young married couples, some of whom help with the young poeple in various capacities. The Y.P. Hall is possibly the most frequently used hall within the building. As well as its Sunday use, the Y.P. Hall is in use most days of the week.

The ‘Community Hall’ hosts many activities during the week and is virtually as busy as the “Y.P. Hall”. Uses include ‘Tiny Tots Playtime (Parents of Toddlers), Art ClassesPrimary (Sunday infants) and many others including the Home League among other

In 2014 Boscombe Salvation Army underwent a large refurbishment and development project. This included the custruction of a stained glass window in the main hall and a brand new room adjacent to the main hall, called The Sanctuary. This room is a furnished environment with tables, chairs and sofas and is an ideal environment to social activities and small group meeting with its own small kitchen area. The Sanctuary is regularly used directly after every Sunday morning meeting for serving coffee and tea (it’s free by the way!).

There are a number of additional rooms including, a kitchen, Band and Songster rooms, a ‘Cry Room’ (for babies during services), The Sanctuary (for Bible Study Etc.) offices, numerous toilet facilities (disabled included) and newly refurbished foyer entrance.

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