In the community

The Salvation Army has been at work in Bournemouth for well over 125 years and has seen many changes. There are currently 3 Corps (Churches/Centres) in the Bournemouth area. There’s the Boscombe Corps (that’s us in Palmerston Road), Winton Corps (in Latimer Road, Winton) and Pokesdown Corps just five minutes down the road from us in Norwood Place, Pokesdown. In the wider area there are also Christchurch, Branksome and Poole Salvation Army Corps. We all operate under the The Salvation Army (UK and NI territory) and combine and share our resources when the need arises. However, we each have our own areas that we primarily work in, and Boscombe Corps focusses in the Boscombe area of Bournemouth and slightly further afield.

At the centre of what we do at Boscombe is our Corps Vision, which is to be a healthy, sustainable, growing Corps, significant to the local area and relevant in mission, ministry and service. For our work in Bournemouth, we have some key aims:

  • To provide meaningful, relevant and varied expressions of worship and teaching for all area of the Corps family.
  • To increase and support the number of holistic, social, nurturing and discipling programmes available for all ages.
  • To look outward towards the local community expressing the Gospel in an attractive, engaging, and relevant way and being innovative in its delivery.
  • To serve the disadvantaged compassionately in core concepts of care, education, change and hope.
  • The programme of community-based activities changes over time as we seek to adapt and improve our services as needs change.

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* Help needed

We’re always looking for volunteers to help run our services, so if you want to help makes a difference to YOUR COMMUNITY and want to help out, please get in contact, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

If you can’t volunteer yourself, you can still support in other ways, perhaps a regular or occasional financial donation, if you give some money you’ll be surprised what impact it can make. The BH1 Project alone has grown so quickly due to the demand on its services that it now costs Boscombe Salvation Army over £80,000 a year to run (2015) so every little helps. All of Boscombe Salvation Army’s services aren’t supported by anything other than YOUR donations. TIME, MONEY, THINGS TO SELL, FUNDRAISING and PRAYER are all is valued and very much appreciated.

If you can and want to help, please contact us – it can change your life as well as someone else’s!