BH1 Project

“Connecting our Community”

A vibrant, supportive & friendly Open House Community Project where everyone is welcome and only a few minutes walk from Boscombe town centre (opposite Boscombe Corps hall)!

The BH1 Community Project is run by Boscombe Salvation Army. It aims to serve and support those in the local and wider community irrespective of their background and is managed by Annette Watts.

Our trained and dedicated team, operating out of 107 Palmerston Road, intend to improve the local quality of life by providing:

  • Domestic & recreational facilities
  • Professional drop in clinics & services
  • Safe friendship
  • 1-1 in-depth support & practical help
  • Meaningful & fun activities

All are welcome – feel free to pop in for a coffee and have a look around at 107 Palmerston Rd, Boscombe, BH1 4HP. To hear what BH1 Project users have to say about it, click here. You can also read a first-hand account of what it’s like to volunteer at the BH1 Project.

What’s on offer?

Nearly everything is free of charge!

  • Domestic & recreational.
  • Comfy & informal café style lounge offering daily healthy & home cooked meals, drinks, TV, magazines, books, board games.
  • Washing machines and tumble dryers.
  • Shower facility.
  • Private back garden with seating.
  • Pool table, guitars & TV/DVD.

Professional drop in clinics:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • Housing & accommodation (Street Services).
  • NHS Mental Health Nurse.
  • Teen Challenge (prior appointment required).

Safe friendship:

  • An opportunity to meet people, make new friends and feel part of your community!
  • A safe space to be yourself and relax.

1-1 in-depth support & practical help:

  • Helpful and trained team who can listen, support and deliver practical help where requested.

Meaningful & fun activities:

  • If you wish to join in guitar and music groups, contemporary arts & crafts, practical life skills workshops (woodwork etc), spiritual debate group, prayer group, minibus outings, quizzes, fun & trivia sessions and movie nights (all free!).

In addition Co-Dependants Anonymous (CODA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alanon Family Group (AFG) and a private counsellor also hire the building for open meetings when the Project is not open. Please enquire within.

For additional activities, which are hosted by Boscombe Corps in this building (when the Project is not open) please contact us.

* Help needed

We’re always looking for volunteers to help run our services, so if you want to help makes a difference to YOUR COMMUNITY and want to help out, please get in contact, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

If you can’t volunteer yourself, you can still support in other ways, perhaps a regular or occasional financial donation, if you give some money you’ll be surprised what impact it can make. The BH1 Project alone has grown so quickly due to the demand on its services that it now costs Boscombe Salvation Army over £80,000 a year to run (2015) so every little helps. All of Boscombe Salvation Army’s services aren’t supported by anything other than YOUR donations. TIME, MONEY, THINGS TO SELL, FUNDRAISING and PRAYER are all is valued and very much appreciated.

If you can and want to help, please contact us – it can change your life as well as someone else’s! Just read the BH1 Testimonials to hear the difference your help can make…