BH1 Project Testimonials

“The Project saved my life, it s massive to me. I had so many issues to deal with. If I hadn’t found this place I don t know what I would have done.” Richard, 43, Boscombe

“I think the BH1 is a life saver, if it wasn t for the help and support I don t think I could have got through the winter as I was homeless. Without it a lot of people would be in trouble.” John, 43, Bournemouth

“The Project means freedom from myself and a place of safety. It stops me from picking up drugs and drink. It brings the local community together.” Lewis, 40, Boscombe

“The Project gives me the opportunity to socialise and promotes healthy living, I don’t need to worry about my next meal.” Daniel, 21, Boscombe

“I feel less depressed after visits.” Wendy, 71, Boscombe

“I must offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for the help I have received on numerous occasions at the Project whilst going through financial difficulties. From food parcels, using the washing machines, home cooked meals at affordable prices, good company, comfortable lounge, pleasant garden and a jovial atmosphere! I can relax there and be myself.” Jim, 65, Bournemouth

“The Project to me is a life line. I consider the staff and many of the clients to be as close to a family as I am possibly going to get. It stops me feeling so alone and isolated. The staff help me to keep myself together but they also help me to re-build my trust in people. Good people are hard to find but here they are in abundance.” Brian, 27, Bournemouth

“I like the home cooked food at the Project and it s at such a low cost. It s a safe place and I feel peace there. It helps with a wide range of needs, issues and support.” Del, 48, Bournemouth

“It’s a safe space.” Neil, 36, Poole

“I enjoy the group activities there which are held upstairs, I can join in if I want too. I like the spiritual debate forums and modern arts and crafts. I am looking forward to the new activities which will be starting soon. They are all free.” Valerie, 61, Boscombe

“It helps me to feel part of my local community and gives me a sense of self worth. The Project is a valuable asset.” Sheni, 51, Boscombe

“I think the Project is an integral part of our community. Without it I would be very lonely.” Vincent, 53, Boscombe

“By coming to the Project I feel as though I am not on my own and I m part of the local community.” Richard, 42, Bournemouth

“The project is well needed in Boscombe and was well over due.” Thomas, 46, Kinson

“At the Project I can make new friends, there is a warm atmosphere and I can access sound help if I need too.” Anne, 43, Boscombe

“At the Project I can be put in touch with and access the services and help I need. All are welcome and it s a safe place.” Jeff, 73, Boscombe

“The Project has provided me with all the support I needed and ongoing support if I need it. The Project makes me feel happy when I feel down, I can come in and talk to people.” Margaret, 68, Boscombe