Boscombe Songsters

Boscombe Songster Brigade was formed in 1906 and has participated on a weekly basis ever since. Their mission is to present the Gospel message in a clear and attractive way. The Songsters currently perform a repertoire spanning a large range of styles, these include contemporary Christian music, gospel, classical, choral, and traditional hymns.

Currently this group has around 60 members, all from many different areas of employment including, information technology, design, commerce, nursing and teaching staff. Their ages range from early teens to 80+ and include individuals still in education and some retired personnel who are enjoying their retirement and yet still have a keen interest in being active within their place of worship.

All members are Salvationist volunteers who are passionate about their singing and have a fervent desire to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Songsters undertook a tour of Canada in 2007, focusing on the Ontario region under the name The Promise as well as recording a CD entitled The Promise to coincide with the tour. To keep up to date with all the forthcoming Songster dates contact us for more information.